Faculty interests in Ancient Egypt:

Dr Marguerite Keane, Department of Art History

Course title: The Art of Ancient Egypt: History and Modern Myth (ARTH 256).

Dr Alex de Voogt, Department of Economics & Business, Core Faculty graduate program History & Culture

Course titles: Ancient Egypt and Sudan: Crossing Borders (ANTH 250), Writing Systems in Africa (ANTH/PANAF 388), History of Writing Systems: Deciphering the Ancient World (HIST 388/739)

Selected faculty publications on Ancient Egypt:

2020   de Voogt, A., Nilsson, M.. Ward, J. The role of graffiti board games in the understanding of an archaeological site: The Gebel el-Silsila quarries. Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 106(1-2), 123–132.

2016    Walter Crist, Alex de Voogt, A.E. Dunn-Vaturi. Ancient Egyptians at play: Board games across borders. London: Bloomsbury Academic Press.

2019   de Voogt, A. Traces of appropriation: Roman board games in Egypt and Sudan. Archimède: Archéologie et histoire ancienne 6: 89–99.